Monday, December 1, 2014

Progress and minor miracles

Success is something I take when I can manage to get it so here is my list thus far:

1. Stayed in a hotel and didn't strip the bed to inspect it prior to laying in it

2. Looked out the window from the 17th floor with no weighing of all that was above or below us.

3.  Managed to focus on the decorations in the lobby not the weight of all those floors above (Ok I did have a minor moment at first but worked my way out of it)

4. Elevators --yup took more than my preferred share and we were packed in a few times      with others luggage, etc.  It still counts right even if my eyes were closed and I held my breath?

5. Parking Garage, HORRIBLE tight overly packed garage oh and we were in the lowest level possible, I swear we saw Glandalf walking around.

6.  NBA game -minus hubby who is usually my focal point and distraction.  

Doesn't look like any major feats but to me they are huge in getting back out there. 
I am thankful that I can see the small gains and appreciate them so on those days when I have to take a picture of the stove (or light switch) to prove to myself later that I DID turn it off, I am able to keep those days in perspective of the overall daily life.

Anyone else want to share their success?


  1. Yay, you have had a lot of victories! Good for you.

    I've had quite a few myself lately, in spite of some really stressful situations, so I'm feeling pretty good about things.

    1. Thanks Sunny. Glad to hear you also have enjoyed some victories lately!
      This time of year tends to bring about more stressful situations that we for one reason or another are pushed into

  2. I found your blog on Sunny's site and thot i'd drop by. Congradulations! many small victories= normalized life. I gave in to the 'small' ocd pesterings thinking i was making a 'choice' until i found myself with cracked hands again from washing too much. Ocd is sneaky and it's often the little things that trip me up.